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      Environmental disposal equipment of chemicals & wastes

      Located in the Daibei Industrial Park of Liyang Economic Development Park, Liyang Fuchun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. enjoys convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities because this park is a concentrated place of machining industry of our city. At present, our company is professional enterprise, and we are mainly engaged in the research, development, production, trade and service of drying equipment of agricultural products, warehouse and supporting equipment as well as environmental protection and chemical (waste treatment) equipment. Under the supports of experienced technicians of our company, we lay great stresses on independent design and development; through cooperating with experts of universities and research institutes of China, we combine research and production together, and then have the good abilities to make technical innovations and developments constantly. Up to now, we have successfully and successively designed and developed a series of cost-saving and practical new products. At present, our main products include tower-type drying tower of grain, Low temperature Rice drying tower, granule stable drying combination machine, herbage dryer, bio-feed dryer, high moisture material dryer, roller dryer, set processing equipment for kitchen waste and set processing equipment for oil sludge in oil field, etc.  

      We strive to be a market trustworthy by insisting on such business philosophy of "excellent quality, quality service". Now, Fuchun's drying equipments are well sold in all places of China, and are widely used in grain & oil, feed, environmental protection, plant fresh preservation, warehouse, port, chemical, biological, fertilizer, food, brewing and other industries for diversified forms, strong adaptability, reasonable structure, easy operation and low energy consumption, etc. Moreover, we establish long-term cooperative relationship with famous enterprises such as China Grain Reserves Corporation (Sinograin), SKIAD, Charoen Pokphand, New Hope Group and Hunan Hechang, and our products are well sold in Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Cambodia, Slovakia and other countries.

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