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      Environmental disposal equipment of chemicals & wastes

      Daphne genkwa root dryer
      Daphne genkwa root and gain time to focus on the case of the rainy season, so farmers often yield no harvest, in order to solve this situation, we use drying preservation method, specific process rout
      Herbage dryer
      under construction ...
      Disposal process of kitchen waste
      under construction....
      Disposal process of kitchen waste

      Separation classifier
      1, can be effectively separated food waste in the food bags, garbage bags, larger sized shells and other seafood; 
      2, can be isolated tableware (dishes, spoon 
      Crushing beater
      1, the material for high-speed cutting, grinding, beating; 
      2, since the materials are crushed and sieved material particles are basically the same in favor of the pipeline transportation
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