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      Environmental disposal equipment of chemicals & wastes
      Small Batch type circular drying machine

      A, Product introduction:?
      Fuchun series Batch type circular drying machine Drying tower absorbing German technology, and drying machine Batch type circular for our status and characteristics, the development of a suitable drying of grain of a new Small drying machine.Mainly used for: large farming, individual Grain Trade Enterprise, Small processing plants Rice, Wheat, and Maize of drying.

      B, Product parameters:?
      FCRH series drying machine performance specification sheet

      Processing capacity (T / batch) Rice (t) 20 25 30 35 40 Forty five 50
      Wheat (t) Twenty three 28 33 40 Forty five 50 55
      Performance Into the grain Time (min) About 40 About 50 About 60 About 70 About 50 About 55 About 60
      Into the grain Time (min) About 30 About 30 About 30 About 30 About 30 About 30 About 30
      Drying rate (% / h) When the ambient temperature ≥0 ℃ 0.6 to 1.0% when the ambient temperature ≤0 ℃ 0.6 to 0.7%
      Stove (million kilocalories) 40 60 90
      Power (KW) 20 25 40

      Note: 1, the indicators above are Rice as raw material, initial moisture of 19%, 14% final moisture, ambient temperature 20 ℃, 70% relative humidity, wet food into the machine before the temperature is 20 ℃, the pressure is 101.325kPa2, The processing of other materials (Maize, Rapeseed, Wheat, barley, soybean, Tea seed, tung tree seeds, etc.), the need for drying process and operating parameters may be appropriately adjusted.?

      C, Product features:?
      1, drying machine drying respected expert Mixed-flow drying principle, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, high productivity;?
      2, Francis Low temperature drying, slowly and evenly to the water, without damaging the grain endosperm, does not affect the germination;?
      3, rows of grain dryer apparatus, the sliding valve structure, no damage to seed;?
      4. Row grain yield and speed can be adjusted to the water requirements can be based on seed grain or grain requirements, adjust drying speed, meet the quality requirements;?
      5, the entire device is manufactured using CNC punching and bending, welding almost do not (part of hot-dip galvanized welded parts rust treatment), and the Drying tower corrosion-resistant alloys (stainless steel, galvanized plate) having rust, wear and corrosion resistance, appearance, service life of up to 15 years;?
      6, dust removal system can be configured to process requirements, without adding the settling chamber can also meet environmental requirements, plus the outdoor installation can be other factors, in general, can reduce the investment.?

      D, Main process flowchart?
      Waste and conveyor → elevator → Cylinder First Cleaning and drying of the former warehouse → elevator → → hand / electric gate → conveyor → elevator?
      → cited chimney stove hood →?
      → drier → conveyor → low broken elevator → After drying warehouse → hand / electric gate.?
      Gas (moisture) dust settling tower

      Process diagram:

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